Giving to The Memory Center

Every day we gain experience
in finding more effective ways
to treat our patients who have dementia-related diseases

If you or a loved one are happy with the care you received from the Memory Center, please consider making a donation in honor of a friend, family member, or physician to advance neurodegenerative disease research and patient care.

At The University of Chicago Medicine Memory Center, we are:

  • researching innovative approaches toward the ethical and end-of-life care issues that surround diseases,
  • managing clinical care treatments in order to alleviate certain behaviors or symptoms of the disease,
  • and conducting research to discover new treatments to prevent neurodegenerative diseases altogether.

The generosity of our donors propels this critical work

Unlocking the brain’s secrets and understanding how the brain works has huge implications for you and all of society. This knowledge is essential for improving treatment and developing cures for devastating conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And, as we advance our understanding of the brain, we can also advance other aspects of human endeavor and performance. 

There are many ways to give.

You may make a donation online at . (“The Memory Center” will automatically be the selected designation).

Or, mail your gift to the address below. (Make checks payable to “The University of Chicago” and indicate “The Memory Center” on the memo line of the check).

The University of Chicago Gift Administration and Business Data 5235 S. Harper Court 4th Floor Chicago, IL 60615

The University of Chicago Medicine impacts the lives of people through world-class clinical care, medical education, and scientific breakthroughs. To learn more about ways you can support these initiatives, please contact us at or 773-702-6565.

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